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Algardis Universe Giveaway – Personalized Gifts!

Congrats on winning the Algardis Universe prize DAWN ROBERTO! Your package is on the way!

I can’t believe I’m saying it – but the end of the Courtlight series is coming very soon! It’s really hard to imagine but I’ve been writing this particular set of books for five years and now to see it close is just a tad tear-jerking. But it couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m full-throttle into the Crown Service series and opening up a third series in the Algardis Universe that I’ll hope you love this summer as well.

So now – the point of this post. In sincere thanks to you the readers for staying with me so long I’ve partnered with a beautiful merchandiser, Personalized Gifts, to bring a great giveaway to you! You can see the gifts I have for you below and I’m pretty sure every fan of Courtlight can find a use for one item or the other. So enjoy!


An Algardis Universe Monogram Necklace and Wine Glass are yours for the taking. Easy entry and the contest is open internationally. Winner is chosen randomly.

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New Wallpapers Released

The wallpaper section of my website has been updated with new wallpaper downloads for all of your mobile devices. There are three downloads available to you now and a secret fourth that you can unlock by going to your local library! All you have to do to get the secret 4th is go to your library’s online website or stop by the library in person, take a picture of Courtlight in their catalogs and share with @tedunwrites or by email to Check out the wallpapers by clicking the link and here’s a sneak peak of the secret wallpapers available to you below.


I don’t think my library has a copy of your books yet? No worries just share this link with them:

Summer Reading Giveaway – Pass The Word On

Hi All,

Thank you for responding to my Summer Reading librarian giveaway! I am absolutely delighted with the response level and received over 180 requests from librarians all across the United States (& Canada) in under 48 hours. I obviously didn’t anticipate such an eager response but I am keeping my commitment to sharing swag with all of your readers!

Because of the high-response rate, I’ll have to limit the hardcovers being sent out but I implore you to consider adding the eBooks (starting at only $2.99!) and/or Hardcover to your catalogs by clicking here:

Every respondent will be getting the promised swag in full in the mail in the month of May, in addition I am able to send hardcovers to these individual libraries which I hope their readers enjoy:
















Terah (05/08/16)


We’ve been lucky enough to have an amazing reception from libraries in the United States and around the world. In support of Summer Reading, I want to give back. So while supplies last, I’m sending every librarian who fills out this form swag for their summer reading programs:

Library Summer Reading Giveaway

Thanks readers! You’re all amazing and without you the Algardis Universe titles definitely wouldn’t be in so many library catalogs! 31 states as of last count!

Also I love love this picture I got this week.




Sworn To Raise debuts on GIRLS’ LIFE BOOK CLUB with New Hardcover & Book Trailer Reveal

Today I’m so excited to announce that the Courtlight series is now available in hardcover. As you all know I never do anything halfway and so I’d also like to announce the new trailer for the Courtlight series.

I am over-the-moon that Girls’ Life Magazine has elected to debut the trailer and the new cover. So check it out, share, and tell me what you think! Tag #ShatterAnEmpire!



My next post will go more in depth about where and how you can pick up a hardcover copy (trust me it’s going to be FABULOUS) but enjoy this post for now:

Sworn To Raise New1 Kindle

Last but not least there is a new BLURB to go with this awesome new cover:

Seventeen-year-old Ciardis Vane grew up in a small village on the edge of the realm. Beautiful, destitute, and desperate she is looking to get out any way she can. She has worked her whole live as a laundress with no hope of escaping her fate anytime soon.

But then her life changes when a strange woman appears with the key to Ciardis’s escape. With an offer to take her to the capital and a life she’d never dreamed of, its hard to resist. There’s only one catch.

She wants Ciardis to become a companion: she’ll be required to wear expensive dresses, learn to conduct suitable magic, educate herself on court proclivities, and – in the end – chain herself to the highest bidder. A Patron for life.

Ciardis knows that this is her one opportunity to change her life.

But what she does not know is that she will soon be at the heart of intrigues and power struggles, and that her new life in luxury demands a high price, perhaps even the life of a prince.






Dragons & Darkness Storybundle + Dragon Age: Inquisition Giveaway

Dragons & Darkness Storybundle + Dragon Age: Inquisition Giveaway

Storybundle - All Covers

Sometimes you have a craving. A craving for lots of magic, mythical creatures, and a few things that go bump in the night. For those of us who like to mix our cravings with the best aspects of our inner-geekdom, we turn to our favorite friends in lands of lore.

Friends like Drizzt Do’Urden of the Forgotten Realms and the sweeping epics of Dragonlance by Margaret Weis. It is those old friends that I had in mind while curating this bundle of new fantasy authors that will sweep off your feet and up into the skies of new lands.

StoryBundle is proud to present Dragons & Darkness, a nine-book fantasy bundle that features legendary dragons and spine-tingling darkness. These nine titles encompass eight unique fantasy worlds from bestselling authors that will leave you salivating for more.Storybundle - All Covers Spread


The Authors:

Terah Edun | Marc Secchia | Michael G. Manning | J.D. Hallowell

Daniel Arenson | Megg Jensen | Brian Anderson | Erik Scott de Bie

A great perk of the Storybundle format is that it’s pay what you want.


That’s right. You can go to and set any amount for all 9 of these fabulous stories.

However, if you pay enough to unlock the BONUS level with four additional books ($12.00 or higher) you will get an automatic entry into the grand prize giveaway of a Dragon Age: Inquisition game (platform of your choice).

So go ahead, choose your price, grab a bundle, AND enter to win Dragon Age (or $75 in Amazon giftcards) while you’re at it.



Remember, you only have 3 weeks to grab this amazing bundle, and then it’s gone forever. Plus every purchase into the BONUS level gets a free entry into the grand prize giveaway.

Lanzamiento y Certificado de Regalo de Book Depository para: Luz de la Corte por Terah Edun

Juramento De Crianza, el Libro Uno, es GRATIS en todos los sitios de venta!
 Gratis por tiempo limitado del 01 al 07 de Septiembre de 2015. ¡Obtén tu copia gratuita del libro electrónico hoy antes de que termine la oferta!

Tapa Blanda:

La serie es perfecta para los lectores de autores como Sarah J. Maas, Tamora Pierce y Kiera Cass. Si eres un lector de fantasía, este es un mundo del que no querrías perderte – ¡llena de aventura, romance y emoción!

Bienvenido al Lanzamiento de este libro de la serie Luz de la Corte. El Libro Uno (Juramento de Crianza) y el Libro Dos (Juramento de

Cesión) están disponibles hoy.

Pagina de autora | Twitter | Facebook

Libros 1-2

Sinopsis de Libro Uno

Ciardis es una chica de diecisiete años que ha crecido en la pobreza y trabaja de lavandera en un pequeño valle en la periferia del imperio. Pero bajo la superficie aparentemente idílica de su imperio yace un secreto oculto. Las murmuraciones sobre la ineptitud del príncipe heredero no dejan de crecer y se intensifican aún más en el quinto aniversario de las iniciaciones del vínculo del alma.

Ciardis es elegida, entre murmullos escandalizados, para entrenar en el Gremio de Compañeros. Deja su pueblo e inicia un viaje personal para convertirse en Compañera de la Corte, una posición que jamás habría creído posible que pudiera obtener una sirvienta. Pero tiene que demostrar que posee habilidades para atraer a un Padrino.

Y debe dominar esas habilidades rápidamente, pues si la leyenda es cierta, Ciardis es la única que puede controlar el poder de ayudar a un príncipe en una Corte Imperial que ha jurado destruirlo.

El primer libro de esta serie sensacional combina una trama compleja con personajes extraordinarios y magia inolvidable. Juramento de crianza es ideal para fans de Kristin Cashore, Michelle Sagara y Maria Snyder

Tour Banner - JDC2


La autora, Terah Edun, no solamente ha ofrecido uno sino DOS Certificados de Regalo de Book Depository debajo y un combo firmado de los libros impresos de la serie Luz de la Corte gratis. ¡Sigue las instrucciones para ganar!

Pero primero… ¿sabías que todos los suscriptores del boletín de Terah Edun obtienen una copia del LIBRO DOS GRATIS?. Únete hoy y recibe tus regalos:

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


In My Inbox: Letters from Readers, Sworn To Vengeance Imposter! & Assorted Goodies

Hi Readers,

I usually post In My Inbox on my TUMBLR account – located here – POST 1, POST 2, POST 3 etc. But I thought I’d try something different and post them on my blog as well. Here’s some of emails I’ve gotten recently and my responses as well as goodies in the mail.


It’s hard for me to believe you have given up on or put off Courtlight 7.
That’s what it kind of feels like to us.

I know you are working on the Spanish version of Courtlight and other things.
But…. I think it would be a smarter move for you to work on the new book.

It feels to your loyal readers that you have forgotten about us, and given up on Ciardis and Sebastian.

I wish you might post an update somewhere about book 7 (facebook, twitter, blog)


I haven’t forgotten about my core readership Gail! But you’re right I haven’t been releasing as quickly as I have in the past. I’m trying to do so many things at once and I’m only one person. Luckily, I now have a great team of individuals who are helping me move forward. After reading your impassioned letter I couldn’t not try to re-prioritize my days. I’ve passed on CHAPTER TWO of SWORN TO VENGEANCE: COURTLIGHT #7 to Rachel (my Author Assistant) and she’s sharing it in The Guild (the Facebook Fan/Reader Group) as well as select quotes from the rest of the manuscript in the coming days. Rachel has direct access as I’m writing and editing now, so you won’t have to wait for extras or tidbits for long and the book will release quicker.


Just wanted to inform you that the for iTunes, when I pre-ordered your book 7 for the court light series and downloaded it, it gave me book 6. Not sure if I’m supposed to contact you or apple but thought it was worth a shot!


First of all, a huge thank you to Sri and six other readers who emailed me at 1:00am to tell me there was a problem. I can’t tell you how amazing that it is.

Second – This was completely my fault and I’m incredibly sorry that you were disappointed like that. It’s been a crazy week, a crazy month, a crazy summer. READ MY NEXT POST to see at least partly why. But I’ve been working on translations for three languages, a new library program, and closing out two bundles for 27 other authors so I’ve been working like a madwoman to clear my plate. All of these objectives are something that I LOVE DEARLY and I’m so excited about. I can’t wait to see wait for you see what I’ve been planning but in the meantime Vengeance got accidentally pushed aside. (Not anymore though – see Letter One lol).

My apologies all that I forgot to change the pre-order on iBooks for Sworn To Vengeance on iBooks (that’s totally on me), and some of the copies have already gone out. Fortunately its NOT an unfinished copy of Courtlight #7 but instead the prequel book. I’m working with iBooks to edit this and I really appreciate the 7 readers who emailed in the dead of night to let me know. Your support and dedication is simply amazing. I’ll update you when I know what will happen regarding the pre-order but email me or Rachel at to get a personal response before then.


I was wondering if you give out book swag and / or how to go about getting book marks? Plus I was wondering where I could get autograph copies of your books I have them all on the nook but I would love actual books to hold.


Thanks for the email! I do give out book swag. Just send an email to with your physical mailing address and I’ll get some plus bookmarks over to you.

I’ll be having a few signed copies of the first four Courtlight books available through my website in August so look out for that as well!


I’m putting together mailers for libraries across the country and this is what the table in the dining room looks like as the process is under way –

Page of Wonders

The Courtlight Bash of Summer 2015 – Pandora Jewelry, Swag, and More!

**UPDATE 08/01/2015 – CLOSED**
Thank you everyone so, so very much to everyone who entered this giveaway and for all of your amazing support.   Without you The Courtlight Series would not be where it is today!   It is lovely readers like yourselves who help keep the world of Algardis rife with adventure, romance and excitement!  With that, here is the list of our winners!
Jennifer R, Lonnie H, Jennifer, Amy H, Meredith M, Brittani J,  Bing, Judy S, Melina L, Marites F, Sandra W, Karen G, Tia,  Danielle L, Jennifer E, Ayanami F, Raine D, Emma L, Nikolina V,  Felicia S, Jonathan K, Kai W, Robbie B, Rachel M, Mary A,
Wendi S, Giedre S, and Trinitee M.
I will be contacting everyone so we can get your mailing address in order to get your prizes out to you as soon as possible!   Thank you again!
The Courtlight Series has sold over one hundred thousand copies and in thanks – I’m doing a giveaway to end all giveaways! 
MINI-POSTER - PandoraSummer2015
WHERE: Global access baby, if you’re online anywhere in the world, you can WIN!
WHEN: July 11th – 25th, 2015, winner announced on the 31st!
WHAT CAN I WIN: Well, I’m so glad you asked! (All prizes INTERNATIONAL)
GRAND PRIZE #1: Pandora Ring


SECOND PRIZE: Three Courtlight Bracelets
Courtlight Bracelets A (Small)
Here are the rules:

There are MANY prizes and only ONE way to get the Pandora Ring.

To win the grand prize PANDORA RING, one of 1 or to win one of thirty-three Courtlight Bracelets and/or Swag Packs:

Join the Rafflecopter for #CourtlightBash! : 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All prizes awarded on July 31st!


Not quite sure how you got to this page or who I am?

Try the Courtlight series out and tell me what you think: SMARTURL.IT/CBSDEAL

About the Author New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Terah Edun is a young adult fantasy writer that writes the stories that she always loved to read as a young girl. Her Courtlight and Crown Service series can be seen on the USA Today Happily Ever After blog.

You can interact with this bestselling author at:


June Giveaway – Winners Get Awesome Swag!

Congrats to Brittani J. (United States) – our first winner of the fan giveaway prize pack! ^.^ – 06/08/15

Note: This contest is open to the WORLD. I’ll ship the prizes anywhere – Romania, Brazil, Malaysia, wherever. 😉


Hey all – I’m hosting a JUNE GIVEAWAY of some awesome swag packs. I know I have some crazy awesome readers and talented artists out there. Soooooooooo, I was wondering how you’d feel about creating some fanart and/or Youtube videos on why you love the Courtlights so much?? Pleeeeease. Pwerdy please. ^.^

For every person who posts a 30-second video on Youtube this month OR shares their artistic skills with the world by posting fanart on TUMBLR – I will send them one of these gorgeous swag packs. ANYWHERE in the world.



Here are the rules:

  • Have fun! Open internationally.
  • If its a Youtube video, you have to show at least one of the Courtlight covers on your eReader or have a print copy. But it can be a book review, a 30-second scream fest, a discussion of the series, surprise me!
  • If its fan-art anything goes – photoshop, handdrawn, any skill level is cool. But it has to be relevant to the series. Tumblr tag = Terah Edun

Here’s how you enter:

  • Email a link to your fanart post on social media or Youtube video to Rachel, assistant (at) terahedun (dot) com. All entries should be in by June 25th! If there’s enough I’ll post the winners at the end of the month.


If I get more than five entries, I’ll not only post the winners of the swag packs BUT ALSO pick one grand prize winner who will receive one item of their choice from my store – TERAH EDUN STORE. How’s that for incentive?

Crossing Worlds Launch + $100 Giftcard / Kindle Fire

Storybundle graphic

Step into fantastical realms with the Crossing Worlds YA StoryBundle – Young Adult fiction guaranteed to entertain all ages!

Do you miss that sense of wonder your favorite books used to give you; the fast-paced and exciting reads that would suck you in and not let you go?


Welcome to the newest StoryBundle, where nine top-notch authors bring you tales of adventure and courage featuring younger protagonists triumphing over magic and mayhem.

The Authors:

   Anthea Sharp | Julian Rosado-Machain | Steven Savile | Susan Kaye Quinn

     Nic Tatano | Mercedes Lackey | Elle Casey | Emily Casey | Terah Edun

          A great perk of the Storybundle format is that it’s pay what you want.


That’s right. You can go to and set any amount for all 10 of these fabulous stories. So go ahead, choose your price, grab a bundle, AND enter to win a new Kindle Fire or $100 cash while you’re at it.

Remember, you only have 3 weeks to grab this amazing bundle, and then it’s gone forever.


To kick off the launch of CROSSING WORLDS, the authors are giving a lucky reader the chance to win a KINDLE FIRE HD or a $100 Giftcard!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Birthday Celebration w/ a Kindle Fire HD 6 Giveaway LIVE

Update 03/31/15/:

All 130+ copies of the free audiobook of BLADES OF MAGIC have gone out. SWORN TO RAISE copies will be distributed in mid-to-late April.
Update 03/17/15:

The first 50 copies of the free audiobook of BLADES OF MAGIC have gone out. 70 more to go then the copies of SWORN TO RAISE will be distributed.

Update 03/05/15:

BIG CONGRATS to Chelsea Cosmark! The winner of my Kindle Fire HD Giveaway! 😀 Everyone give @allonsychelsea a round of applause!


Update 03/04/15: Rachel, my assistant, is now working on sending out all of the audiobook copies of BLADES OF MAGIC: CROWN SERVICE #1. Give her some time to get them out but everyone should have their copy by the end of March. Sworn To Raise: Courtlight #1 audio copies will follow. Kindle Fire WINNER to be announced in less than 24 hours!


January 29th is my birthday! In celebration of all my fabulous fans support throughout the year, I’m giving away an All New Kindle Fire HD 6″. To enter fill out the Rafflecopter below and may the best reader win. 😉


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ends Sunday, March 1st 11:59pm
Winner will be notified via email
Winner must claim prize w/in 48 hours of notification
Author is not responsible for lost or damaged prizes
Prizes cannot be swapped out

Entries will be verified!