Sworn To Raise: Courtlight #1 now available in French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese

It’s been a really crazy, hectic and amazing 8 months. I know you all have been impatient for the next book in the Courtlight series. But I’ve been swamped and I do mean SWAMPED. By life has basically been one thing after another since March 2015. I’ve signed contracts with libraries and editors and worked on books I didn’t even think were possible.

So…my life…

Today I get to formally announce one of those things…Courtlight is now available in FIVE languages to readers around the world. You and your friends and your cousins can see it in French, in Spanish, in Portuguese, in German, and in English. All of the second books (Sworn To Transfer) are currently in translation (or already out) as well. You’ll be able to find all the information you need for each language on their respective pages.

I hope one day my readers in different countries come across each other and this happens:

But for now, just get to know each other other.

Spanish Header for Site


French Header for Site


Portuguese Header for Site


Also there are helpful buttons on the top of every page from which you can navigate to the respective language pages!



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