Summary & Cover Reveal for Sworn To Quell: Courtlight #10


Sworn To Quell: Courtlight #10

Ciardis Weathervane witnessed the collapse of her empire’s system of governance. Because everything pivoted on the rule of one man. Now she must forge a new path. Through the madness. Through the chaos.

Still with the imperial palace in ruins, and the coalition between the nobles and the rebellion falling apart, there is no more time. No time to rule. No time to justify.

The god was here for retribution, and her triad would be forced to rise to the occasion or fall under its own bluster.

With an emperor dead, a prince heir uncrowned, and a people lost in the wilderness of death and destruction every which way they turn, Ciardis faces her most challenging assignment yet. Picking up the pieces. Mending the coalition. Winning the hearts and minds of Sebastian’s people. The people she could now call her own.

The heavens have come to earth. It remains to be seen if the earth will fall before its might.

Also in relevant news, the 10th book in the Courtlight series is coming in October 2016. However I need to do some further revisions and edits, so I am pushing back the Amazon release date. I’d much rather add more to the book and make it a purchase that will blow you away than to just push something out that isn’t the best book I can write. So another 20,000 words to go and you’ll have your sequel to Sworn To War! Woohoo.

For those of you expecting the release of Quell in the next two weeks, sorry to dissapoint but I promise its going to be awesome. I’m lining up the best beta readers and development team as well to knock this out of the park.

However, I’m not leaving you high and dry. While you won’t get Sworn To Quell in the next 10-12 days, you will get LILLIAN IN HEELS. The short story I promised you that would explore the life of Lillian Weathervane before she became the mother of our most infamous protagonist. The story is finished, has been approved by beta readers, and is with my short story editor currently.


You’ll get to read all 8,350 words of Lillian’s mini-story this Friday! If you’re a member of mailing list ( you will receive a PDF download of the short story in your email two days in advance. So sign up today!

Lastly, if I’m not here on the blog then you can always find me on Twitter or Instagram. I’ve been having some great fun with readers from all around the world. Check out and LIKE some of their pictures of the Courtlight swag packs by searching the #shatteranempire hashtag on social media! Then grab yours today for only $9.99:





21 Responses to “Summary & Cover Reveal for Sworn To Quell: Courtlight #10”

  1. Linda Wyatt

    I am so excited. I will be reading Lillians story and number 10 of the series. Can’t wait.

  2. Lesley Chachere

    I actually preordered this on amazon months ago. I am a loyal reader for this series so imagine how upset I was when I got the notification that my preorder was canceled today by publusher. So so sad.

    • Terah Edun

      Hi Lesley,

      Yes, we’re just moving publication dates around to make a better book. We’re thankful for your support of the books and don’t worry – you’ll still get your chance to buy Sworn To Quell: Courtlight #10 very soon.

      • Andy Horne

        But two months on where is the book I am waiting to read!!!!

      • Lauren B

        Do we have an update on the release?
        This was the first and only book I’ve ever pre-ordered and I didn’t even get notified it had been cancelled.. I was devastated when I found out- it’s been an additional 6 months now so surely we’ve gotta be getting close?
        Thanks so much, can’t wait to read it!!

    • Veronica McIlvaine

      Yeah I was super disappointed, I have been waiting for months now. I have been enthralled by these books since they came out. The disappointment was real. I cant wait to get it in my hands though and If i have to wait a little longer I guess I will 🙁

  3. Linda Wyatt

    I was upset. I was like no way. Really wanting to read it.

  4. Veronica McIlvaine

    Me too. I was just heart broken. Ive been waiting for months. Cant wait for it to finally be released.

  5. Amanda

    What happened to Blades of Illusion Crown Service #2? Really looking forward to that release, as well!!

  6. Debbie Roill

    I loved Lillian in heels. Thought something was wrong when Amazon cancelled my pre-order Sworn to Quell. Glad to know you are working on it just bought a tee and swag. I love it. Do you know if Amazon will notify us of the date Quell will be released?

  7. Carol Pearson

    I am so in love with the Court light series! I’m totally hooked and almost finished with book #6. I will be purchasing the remainder of the series. Thank you!!!

  8. Emily Stroup

    Just checking to see if there is a new release date for Sworn to Quell yet? I’m so anxious – but it still isn’t on Amazon, even to pre-order! Thanks so much!

  9. Dierdre D

    What is the updated release date for Sworn to Quell? I am a Huge fan of Thanar & cannot wait to find out more!

  10. Kat N

    Any update on the release of sworn to quell

  11. Sara B.

    I started reading this series late but finished them all within a month! I cannot wait to read book 10! I’ve come into reading and enjoying novels late in my 27 years but I’ve been captivated by this story and can’t wait to go further! The way her heart is torn between the love she feels as a woman and as a queen to be is amazing I’m excited to see how she handles it and maybe just maybe she’ll have little ones running around?!?! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your wonderful world with us! I’m watching for the next release!

  12. Katrina Potter

    Ugh! Desperately searching for sworn to quell in Google play. Love your books, love Thanar the most. Please let us know the release date soon

  13. Sue Mitchell

    I’m so waiting for courtlight # 10 I’ve enjoyed the series so far and I have reccomended it to a lot of my friends.
    Regards Sue.

  14. Jessica

    Just finished all the books and waiting for #10! Any idea on the release date?

  15. Kat N

    Anyone else notice it didn’t get released again and now we are getting no responses back on when or what is going on.

  16. Terah Edun

    Hi All,

    Apologies for not responding but my assistant and I are as highly responsive to updates across all the channels that we can be. I just posted an update on AND on my private Facebook reader’s group – The Guild. Sworn To Quell: Courtlight #10 is done. I’ve finished writing it and the manuscript is currently with my editor. After which it’ll go to a copyeditor, proofreader and several beta readers. I don’t have an exact release date as each of those individuals takes some time to review the book but it’s coming! Thanks for your love and patience!


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