Sworn To Vengeance now LIVE on iBooks + Pre-Orders Fulfilled

Update 02/24/2016: SWORN TO VENGEANCE is now live on iBooks: https://www.terahedun.com/VengeanceiBooks

If you pre-ordered your file (and didn’t request a refund) it has now been delivered! To gain access to the new file, simply open up your e-reading device and accept the file update notification in iBooks.

Once you’ve loaded the new file, you should open up and see the new interior images included.


Hi Readers,
Here’s a two-parter for you, topics: Sworn To Vengeance RELEASE & Apple Pre-Orders.
Sworn To Vengeance is releasing on Tuesday, February 23rd (four days, four days, four days woohoo!!) and my priority for this release was making sure all prior pre-orders were fulfilled. I believe you’ll be happy with the solution.
Everyone who pre-ordered Sworn To Vengeance on Apple and received the placeholder file will be getting an update notice from Apple by the correct release date, February 23rd with the eBook ready to download. It could be as soon as tomorrow or on Monday.
So if you bought it already on Apple and got the wrong file, the correct one is on its way to your iBooks account. If your purchase was refunded then you will not get the updated file – just hold tight til Tuesday, February 23rd and you can grab it then.
There were no pre-orders on any other retail sites, so Barnes & Noble Readers, Amazon Readers, Kobo Readers, and Google Play Readers get ready to click and download your favorite series on TUESDAY!
BIG NOTICE – the eBook will also be on sale from February 23rd – February 25th for ALL vendors at $3.99. ^.^
Please let me know if anything is unclear or if you have any questions. I will be checking in with my Apple rep and I’d also love to hear from you all – by email (terahedun.ya@gmail.com) or you can contact Rachel (assistant@terahedun.com).
I’m hoping this answers any questions you all had, since my priority is my readers.

18 Responses to “Sworn To Vengeance now LIVE on iBooks + Pre-Orders Fulfilled”

  1. Melissa

    I’m so excited. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever. Can I reread all 6 in 4 days?? I can try. Yay!!!!!

  2. Bob Howell

    I have the incorrect book on my ipad ( the old incorrect book) I was refunded my purchase. I would love the next version of Sworn to Vingence. What do I need to do at this point in time.

    • Terah Edun

      Hi Bob,
      When the Apple iBooks version of Sworn To Vengeance goes live, it should be easier to tell. I suspect that since you were re-funded you won’t automatically be sent the updated copy by Apple.

  3. Beatrice

    When is the next book in the Sarath Webb Series coming out?

  4. Ann

    I am so looking forward to reading Sworn to Vengeance! Still waiting for iBooks!

    • Terah Edun

      I’m waiting impatiently as well Ann! I wish I could speed the process up but I’m limited in my purview with this issue.

      I’ve been on the phone with customer service for Apple on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. They keep saying ‘its processing’ but can’t give me a timeline on completion. Its a situation I didn’t want to be in but I’m trying to resolve the issue.

      I am really hoping to have the Apple link for you all tomorrow and I’m so sorry that you have to wait for so long. Right now my options are limited otherwise, as I can either: A) wait for them to release the file/ebook link, or B) Set up a new book file and let people ‘re-buy’ the content.

      But I will keep everyone up to date on my progress on the subject.

      • Ann

        How frustrating for you! I’m sure you’d rather be doing other things than to be fighting with Apple. I may just pick it up through Kobo.

        Thanks for your reply. I have really enjoyed reading this series!

  5. Rebecca

    Bought and read Sworn to Vengeance one day. Interesting story lines and twists in this one. Can’t wait until the next one.

  6. Rebecca

    I have an ole copy of Blades of Illusion and found it to be a pretty good story. What is the progress on the updated version?

  7. Rebecca


  8. Kathleen jalloh

    I preordered sworn to vengeance and was sent the wrong book how do I get the right book

    • Terah Edun

      Hi Kathleen, I’m working on that right now. When the iBooks file for Sworn To Vengeance goes live ALL readers who pre-ordered (without a refund) will get a download update with the new file in place. I’m just waiting for the file to go live. Thank you for your patience.

      • Virginia

        I was refunded by iBooks and now that the book is live and showing on the site it will not let me buy. When I try I get the message that I can’t download until I buy. However, there is no option to buy the book. Am I just out of luck with trying to get this book?

        • Terah Edun

          Hi Virginia,

          If the book is not deleted from your iBooks account, then you will not be able to re-purchase the content. I’m sorry but I would suggest contacting iBooks customer service to see if they can remove the refunded purchase from your account or considering the book on other vendors:

          Amazon —> terahedun.com/VengeanceKindle
          Nook —> terahedun.com/VengeanceNook
          Kobo —> terahedun.com/VengeanceKobo
          Google Play —> terahedun.com/VengeanceGooglePlay

          I am really sorry about this experience.

          • Virginia

            Interesting development, I went back to iBooks and as the book came up the little read button changed to a cloud and I was able to download it. Weirdest thing I ever saw. Don’t know why, or how, but I have the book and am now a happy camper!

  9. Terah Edun

    YAYAYYAY!! That’s so great! 🙂

  10. Sue

    I paid for my book sworn to vengeance but have not reviewed it

    • Terah Edun

      Hello Sue,

      Incredibly sorry for any troubles, I’ve worked hard to make sure everyone who pre-ordered the book received the correct copy. Did you not receive the book? Have you tried to access the download – if you log into your iBooks app there should be a red circle over your ‘Purchased’ section and an Update button next to Sworn To Vengeance.


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