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State of the Algardis Universe — 2015 In Review


Hey Readers,

With the successful release of Sworn to Vengeance and with Sworn to Sovereignty well underway, we (Rachel and I) wanted to take some time to let you know what we have been up to for the past year and what we are looking forward to in the year to come!

2015 was a huge year for us as far as opportunities to both expand readership and our brand. Six titles were released and published in four separate languages (two in Spanish, one in Portuguese, two in French and one in German). The Spanish release of Sworn to Raise hit the Amazon Espana Top 100 Bestsellers list, Sworn To Raise in French got amazing accolades, and Sworn to Raise in German was selected as a Kindle Favoriten title.   So to all of our readers involved with helping Courtlight make those charts: Gracias! Vielen Dank! Merci!

The Courtlight series signed distribution deals with OverDrive, 3M Cloud Library, Ingram and EBSCO eBooks.   These are major eBook retailers that most self-publishers don’t have access to but thanks to the awesome fan base we were able to take advantage of these opportunities!   As a result of the distribution deal, the Courtlight series is now housed in library catalogs for over 576 libraries in 25 US states as well as 4 foreign countries for print and eBooks.   So far I’m happy to list Australia, New Zealand, France, and Great Britain with hope for more on the horizon. Last year also saw gain hardcover distribution as well with Ingram Publishers Services, which I can make some awesome announcements about soon.  In addition to this some negotiations with agencies and publishers were/are on the tbale (we’re still looking for the magic ring 😉 ; plus while all of this was going on every book was successfully published in paperback!

Needless to say 2015 was amazing, but took a lot of work – hence the fact that basically no new books were published in 2015. I apologize for that but together we were working hard on brand management. It’s tough doing or being responsible for every single thing related to your work, but it was worth it in the end. Majorly worth it.

2016’s goal is simple – bigger venue distribution and getting back to doing what we love most—getting fantastic new ebooks out to our readers. We’re off to a rocking start with the much anticipated release of Sworn to Vengeance taking off last month and Sworn to Sovereignty underway as of this past weekend. We were also happy to show off last month the gorgeous new artwork for the hardcover release of Sworn to Raise as well as the amazing new book trailer for the Courtlight Series. (And if you haven’t seen the new trailer for Sworn To Raise, please go take a look! It works for the entire Courtlight series with a focus on Book One.)

This year we are also anticipating expanding the library program with the goal of all 50 U.S states having access to Terah Edun books as well as hardcover distribution to those libraries and to bookstores across the globe. We’ve already gotten emails from teachers, librarians, and booksellers both eager to stock and to push the Courtlight series now that they are available on key venues. Which is why I believe outreach is critical and I hope you’ll work with me to make 2016 an even bigger year for Courtlight in multiple fronts.

That said, let’s get to what you’re all here for:

My next major writing project, after the release of Sworn To Sovereignty, will be the revamped sequel to Blades Of Magic, which is Blades of Illusion. Sometime around then Sworn To Sovereignty will get a sequel in the form of Book 9 and I’ll finally be able to go back to my side project called Oath of Justice.

As for non-novels, I have two short stories I’d LOVE to write:

  1. The Red Poison Mystery and death. That’s all I’ll say.
  2. A Harper’s Lament. Terris and Ciardis got into a lot of mischief during their training period. This is a glimpse into that.

None of this would have been possible without the help and continued support of the amazing fan base.   From the bottom of our hearts, thank you ever so much and we wish you happy reading! ~ Terah & Rachel