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Mages By Chance (Kobo Plus)

As a Kobo Plus exclusive, this book follows a young woman destined to destroy every edict her people live by and the boy who would do anything to be accepted by his. Journey along in a spellbinding story of conquering fear and overcoming an epidemic in the first of the Deathrights series.

Maeryn ‘Mae’ Darnes is a young woman torn between two worlds…life and death. She has watched her siblings slowly wither away just like all the others blighted by the cursed Darnes bloodline. In her attempts to save them Mae stumbles upon a plot to prolong the suffering of the afflicted.

Now that she knows the wasting sickness is being masterminded for other’s desire, Mae becomes determined to risk everything to reveal the truth by carving out the darkness that is hiding within. No matter the cost.

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