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Algardis Universe Short Stories: Compendium 1

This boxed set is for the readers who prefer to have a single compact compendium to peruse at their leisure. It includes the first three short stories written in the Algardis Universe: The Rose Hedgewitch, Across The Arid Seas, and Lillian In Heels.

Each of these three short stories explores a unique character arc in the history of the Algardis Universe.

The Rose Hedgewitch is a 3,900-word short story set decades before the first Courtlight book and focuses on Maggie, a gardener in the imperial palaces. Across The Arid Seas is a 5,200-word short story that looks into Algardis desert culture and the life of the nomadic tribes as narrated by Marian, a middle shaman.  Lillian In Heels is a 8,700-word short story that explores the nature of Lillian, Ciardis Weathervane’s mother when she lived at court.

Together they make up a 17,000-word (75 page) novella-length compendium.

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