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Birthright Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

Maeryn Darnes knows time is running out. Her siblings are dying, her family is grieving, and only she is willing to take the risks to unlock the gifts inside her to save them all. But with risks comes great danger and she’ll find that a wasting sickness is not the only peril she faces.

Mages By Chance Maeryn Darnes is the middle sibling in a family bursting with more children than it knows to do with. The trouble is all of her cousins and even her sisters are dying of an ailment no one knows how to cure. When outsiders come to her holding’s gates offering a cure, turning away is the hardest thing Mae has ever had to do.

Mages By Fortune Maeryn Darnes finds out that promises of magic come with a price. She has the casting she needs to cure the youngest generations of her family of their debilitating malady. But there’s a reason no one in her holding has great magic. It’s all been locked away. In order to save the children, she must unlock her gift…and take what consequences may come.

Mages By Assembly Trust misplaced just when she needs it most, Maeryn finds out that all is not as it seems with the outsiders who came bearing gifts. They also came bearing swords. Her greater holding is under seige but with her magic unlocked Mae is going to give them the fight of her life and take it back. 

A set of three fantasy books for lovers of spellbinding romantic adventure and wonderfully crafted worlds. Scroll up and download!